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The Invest Georgia Program is a long-term investment program, backed by the State of Georgia, that is designed to help grow and mentor current, new and future Georgia Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Funds in the state of Georgia. By doing so, the Invest Georgia Program will help create new Georgia companies, new Georgia entrepreneurs and long-term, high-paying Georgia jobs.

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16 Georgia Venture Funds, 119 Georgia companies, 3100+ Georgia Jobs.

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Georgia Jobs


Portfolio Companies

Marshall Guest

Marshall Guest is the senior vice president of public policy and business climate for the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC).

Jacob Crowe

Jacob Crowe founded and runs Crowe Family Ventures and is the former CFO of GreenSky.

Jeff Muir

Mr. Muir is a founder and partner of Fulcrum Equity Partners and its predecessor firm, Fulcrum Ventures that started in 2000.

Charles Thompson

Charlie is a founding principal of Eco-Capital Advisors, LLC, an investment firm, and co-founder of ASW Distillery.

John Carter

John F. Carter is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of CarterBrothers Companies, a full service management firm.

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